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Residential Housing

Residential Housing

If you’re thinking about offering your residents the option to charge their new electric cars at home, or hoping that this amenity will help attract new, high-quality tenants, there’s a lot to consider and evaluate. Start here to learn what it takes to provide electric car charging stations for tenants. Then, when you’re ready, call us, and our electric vehicle advisors will share tools and resources to help you understand your options.

Equipment & Installation

Your parking lot configuration, your residents’ preferences, and your cost considerations will assist you in identifying the optimal electric car charging locations, selecting charging station equipment, and choosing how many charging stations to install. You may choose to allow residents to charge in their assigned parking spaces, or opt instead to provide community-based charging stations for all residents to share. Installing electric car charging stations near existing electrical infrastructure will simplify the installation and may reduce costs, but may also limit your location options. Contact an Electric Vehicle Advisor for more information on locating a charging station and signage.

Rates & Energy Management

As a building owner, a homeowners association, or a property manager, you may be eligible for a commercial or a residential rate plan. Before you start planning your charging stations, call your Electric Vehicle Advisor for personalized support.