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Retail & Storefront

Retail & Storefront

If you’re thinking about offering electric car charging to your customers, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to maximize convenience, streamline installation, and stay on budget. Learn more here and then call us. We can help you to provide your customers with safe, reliable and efficient charging and manage your energy costs.

Equipment & Installation

You’ll want to assess your business objectives before you decide to provide charging stations for customers. Based on your business size and type, you’ll want to start by estimating the number of customers who will take advantage of your charging stations, and the length of time they will be charging. You’ll also want to decide whether you want to charge them for this service or make it complimentary. These considerations, which are unique to your business, will inform the number and type of charging stations to install.

Rates & Energy Management

Your customers may use your charging facilities during daytime hours when demand for electricity and rates are higher, so you’ll want to consider the impact that electric car charging will have on your bottom line. Your Electric Vehicle Advisor can provide you with a customized rate analysis based on your anticipated charging hours and the number of charging stations you plan to offer. They can help you assess the financial impact of electric vehicle charging and the requirements to install and operate this equipment on your property.