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The growing popularity of electric cars means a new way to fuel up in your community.  As the fuel provider for electric cars, we are committed to providing your constituents with effective education and outreach on charging, installation, and rate options. We are also ready to support you with information as you develop your city’s processes and build new infrastructure.

Paving the Way Together

Supporting your residents and businesses is our top priority, and we can do this best if they contact us before they move forward on installing electric car charging equipment. Link your city website to ours to connect your constituents to electric fueling solutions that meet their individual needs.

Residents can call us at 1-855-INFO4EV to speak with an Electric Vehicle Advisor and get individual support to help prepare their homes for fueling.

Businesses looking to provide charging for customers, employees, tenants or fleets can contact their Account Executive or call 1-855-INFO4EV for support in planning for and installing charging infrastructure.

A Smooth Transition

We’re ready to collaborate with you in bringing electric fueling to your city’s residents and businesses by sharing best practices, including installation information, problem solving customer issues, and coordinating regional planning. We’re here if you have questions or want to get started. Email Us > 

Outfitting Your City & Fleet

If your city is considering public charging or electric vehicle fleets, we are also here for support. We can help you develop an electric fueling strategy for public charging stations and your city fleet. Call us during the planning stage and we’ll review your options for funding, charging, and energy management. Our energy advisors can also provide you with information to help you plan and control costs and revenues. Contact your Account Executive and visit our business customer page to get started.